Barcode and RFID Scanner Charging Cabinet

Make sure your hand held scanners, readers and radios come home after every shift.

With the increased use of portable handheld devices within various business, healthcare and law enforcement sectors, finding a means to charge these devices in a controlled manner is vital. Current methods are not effective because:

  • Devices are often left exposed which can lead to damage or worse, theft
  • High cost of replacing units that are damaged or stolen
  • Each device or charging unit requires its own power socket
  • Charging devices on shelving or tabletops requires large amounts of space
  • Charging cables require regular management to prevent tangles

The HIVE™ has been designed to alleviate these problems by providing a means of centralizing the management, charging and security of these high-value assets.

Security - Approved user access to assets, secure devices when not in use

Space optimization - Reduce real estate required for charging scanners and radios

Savings - Reduce loss, diminishment & damage through proper asset management of devices

Productivity - Drive efficiency savings with one device location, check in/out, quicker access, charged and ready to use

Safety - Sanitization protocols at the station, cord & cable management, proper chargers for devices and batteries

HIVE™ is being used in the distribution, warehousing, technology, education, and military sectors, but can be adapted to a wide range of work environments. The locking charging cabinet, security features, and charging capabilities are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of users and administrators.  

features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded construction.
  • Quick-release door swing handle with keyed lock.
  • Inset polycarbonate window.
  • Accessible backend through removable panel with internal lock.
  • Recessed back panel allows cabinet to be placed flush with walls.
  • Side panels removable with cam lock and key.
  • Consolidated power supply is secured at the backend of shelves.
  • Retractable, vented drawers for increased airflow.
  • Anti-rollback shelf design for ease of use.
  • Four (4) top-mounted thermodynamic fans to dissipate heat.
  • Integrated LED light strip for increased visibility (mounted in front of rack).
  • Heavy-duty casters to prevent tripping — two (2) recessed locking and two (2) non-locking.
  • Network-connected PDU with 12 outlets. Supports up to 12 charging cradles.
  • Fully customizable to suit a range of devices and charging cradles.
  • Custom color finishes and branding available.
  • Optional Seismic Anchor Kit for seismically active zones.

technical info

Model:  218174 (H3D)
Finish: Textured Black (BK04X) Epoxy Coating
Shipping Weight:  305 lbs.
23.6” W x27.5” D x 52.6” H

Take Charge

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to charging, storing, and securing your team’s handheld devices? HIVE™ can show you the way. Contact e-Systems Group to request a quote and inquire about additional features.

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Secure and Organize

HIVE™ has been designed with organization in mind. You can directly mount the charging cradles for your handheld devices or radios to retractable drawers, ensuring the cradles are secure and evenly spaced to maximize the capacity of the HIVE™.

Small Footprint

No more tangled wires, scattered charging docks, or cluttered workspaces. HIVE™ streamlines charging and storage by placing all handhelds in one access-secured enclosure. The cabinet takes up very little floorspace and is constructed to withstand the realities of busy work and storage areas.

All power supply units are mounted at the back of the enclosure, greatly improving cable management and power distribution. These design considerations also allow the HIVE™ to be placed flush against walls.

Advanced Security Features

HIVE™ is serious about security. With physical and electronic deterrents,  HIVE™ is protected against forced and unauthorized access attempts.

The locking charging cabinet features a fully welded construction and a shatter-resistant acrylic window. The full-length LED light bars illuminate the interior, allowing for quick visual inspection of devices.

The HIVE™ ships with a standard lock and key swinghandle. It can be upgraded to a wireless RFID card (125 kHz or 13.56 MHz) swinghandle.

Cooling Fans Dissipate Heat

. HIVE™ features four vertical cooling fans to dissipate heat. Each drawer is fitted with vent openings to allow optimal vertical airflow. These design implementations allow device batteries to charge efficiently and prevent batteries from deteriorating prematurely.

Custom Colors, Finishes, and Branding

HIVE™ is available in a range of colors and finishes, allowing customers to choose a locking charging cabinet that perfectly complements their branding and asset tracking needs.
(Minimum order quantity.)

HIVE™ is precision-crafted in New York using fully welded construction for maximum strength and durability.