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An ergonomically designed, 24/7 mission-critical console, the Contour workstation enhances productivity with adaptability for future needs.

Contour, commonly specified for 9-1-1 dispatch and call centers, is designed to address team configurations, adjustable workstations, CPU storage, and high-density screen arrays. With a lifespan of 20 plus years, Contour’s longevity provides you the optimal return on investment and overall best value. Contour will allow you to reconfigure or add on at any time.

  • Flexible configurations
  • 24/7 Environments
  • Ergonomic Solution
  • 100% Steel-Welded Frame
  • CPU Storage
  • Cable Management
  • Made in U.S.A.

Contour Advanced

Fixed Height – Privacy Walls

Contour Advanced

Sit-Stand – Peninsulas with Storage

Contour Highlights

  • 1. Removable top trim to permit access to the interior of the wall system
  • 2. 90-degree corners and other angled connectors to form a variety of workstation space
  • 3. Stackable wall, available 12” or 16” tall, for monitor mounting and privacy needs
  • 4. Removable, locking service panels to access cable management raceways
  • 5. Self-supporting 30″ or 36″ deep surfaces can be specified as fixed height or adjustable sit-stand
  • 6. 8″ tall aluminum slatwall extrusion creates rigid interface for multiple monitors and storage accessories
  • 7. 6″ welded heavy-duty steel frame and wall system with integrated cable raceway
  • 8. CPU storage modules
  • 9. Contour Advanced: sit-stand motorized lift accommodates small to large corner units

Contour Options

  • Fixed Height and Height Adjustable
  • 90 Degree Corners, 45 Degree Connectors
  • Various Heights – Tier 0, 1, 2 or 3 Slatwall
  • CPU Storage including caddies, modules, and lockers
  • Personal Storage