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Flexible configurations, built for 24/7 environments

Designed to accommodate a large computer workstation with multiple monitors, Contour is commonly used in 9-1-1 dispatch rooms, security command centers, and call centers. With a lifespan of over 20 years, the Contour custom console is constructed of 100% steel welded frame and provides an excellent return on investment. Plus, this computer workstation is fully customizable. You can reconfigure it at any time to adapt to new equipment for a command center or call center.

Choose between fixed height privacy models and sit/stand options to tailor this custom console to the specific needs of your operation. Plus, you can add caddies, modules, or lockers for CPU storage.


Contour highlights

  1. Removable top trim allows access to the inside of the wall to reach wires and cables.
  2. Angled connectors let you adapt your workstation to other command or call center equipment.
  3. Add a 12″ or 16″ stackable wall to mount additional monitors or increase privacy.
  4. Removable service panels provide access to cable raceways.
  5. Choose fixed height or adjustable sit/stand surfaces that are 30″ or 36″ deep.
  6. The 8″ tall aluminum slatwall extrusion can accommodate multiple monitors and storage accessories.
  7. A 6″ welded heavy duty steel frame and wall system feature an integrated cable raceway.
  8. Contour includes multiple CPU storage modules.
  9. Choose an optional sit/stand motorized lift that can accommodates small to large corner desk units.
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