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Keep track of your handheld electronic devices

  • Secure devices when not in use
  • One device location for fast access
  • Fully welded construction and shatterproof window prevent break-ins

Charge and secure handheld devices in the Hive

It is critical to keep handheld device in a secure location for many industries, including law enforcement, healthcare, security, and business. The Hive is designed to solve many problems in the storage units that are available, but they can be adapted to almost any work environment. 

ProblemThe Hive Solution
Devices are left exposed, which can lead to damage or theftCompletely enclosed, made of heavy duty fully welded metal, secured by a quick release door swing handle with key Inset, a shatterproof polycarbonate window, accessible through the back end via a removable panel with an internal lock
Each device or charging unit requires its own power socket, limiting the number of devices you can store and chargePower strip with 13 outlets, supporting 13 power cradles, and the consolidated power supply is secured at the rear of the shelves
Charging devices on shelving or tabletops takes up a large amount of spaceFour retractable, vented drawers for optimal airflow, and the storage space for each drawer is: 19.2′′ width x 21.2′′ depth x 11.6′′ height. The recessed back panel allows the cabinet to be placed flush against walls.
Charging cables require regular management to prevent tanglingAll power supply units are mounted at the back of the cabinet, greatly improving cable management and power distribution.

More Benefits

Stays Cool

Four top mounted thermodynamic fans dissipate heat. Each drawer is fitted with vent openings to allow vertical airflow, helping device batteries charge efficiently and preventing them from deteriorating prematurely.

Choose the Color

HIVE charging cabinets are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can decide on a look that complements your environment perfectly. If you decide on a custom color, there is a minimum order quantity of ten.


Adaptable to a variety of uses

  • Anti-rollback shelf design for ease of use
  • Heavy duty casters for easy mobility—two recessed locking and two nonlocking
  • Fully adaptable to suit a range of devices and charging cradles

Optional features

  • Increase visibility with an integrated LED light strip
  • Add a power strip with 14 more outlets
  • Upgrade to an RFID Lock (13.56 MHz)
  • For seismically active zones, add a seismic anchor kit