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Complete flexibility in designing your arrangements

The Workhorse features a unique, 12” frame system that provides flexibility when planning computer workstations and allows creative integration for computer gear, wiring, and power support.  The platform is made of 12” deep steel that supports stackable walls for several large displays up to 48” deep. The ITRAC custom console’s base frame integrates most PC hardware without consuming additional floor space.

Fully customizable modular computer workstation

The ITRAC’s modular construction allows components to be adjusted easily, and changes to the work surfaces can be accomplished without requiring installation services by professionals. You can add a modular display wall to the custom console where needed to mount articulating monitor arms, 19” rack mount equipment, or interface panels.

Key features

  1. The wall system for the display permits overhead mounting of a large, extra wide monitor.
  2. The corner connector has continuous cable management available to create a variety of angle configurations.
  3. Its 16” wall is stackable and permits mounting a high density, large screen, 19” rack mount equipment or operator privacy, when needed.
  4. The removable, locking steel service panels allow access to the computer workstation cable management raceways.
  5. Self supporting work surfaces range in depth from 24” to 48”.
  6. The aluminum slatwall extrusion is 8” tall and creates a rigid interface for multiple monitors and storage accessories.
  7. The heavy duty 12 and 16 gauge frame and wall system is 12” deep to accommodate all structural elements of your workstation design.
  8. CPU storage components mount completely within the frame structure for security and to conceal them.