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NCS Bench Custom Workstation

The NCS Bench System is a custom workstation complete with a sturdy frame, work surfaces, shelves, and multiple storage options. You can call it a workstation, tech workbench, LAN rack, or bench system—it can do it all! The NCS Bench is designed to be multipurpose and adapt to your changing or expanding needs. A single purpose tech workbench is expensive and limiting, but you can reconfigure the NCS custom workstation to meet all your requirements all of the time for a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple single purpose workstations.

Industries that use our NCS Bench custom workstation

Pharmaceutical—Pill packing, Fill stations, Replenishment stations, Equipment repair stations, Quality station, Shipping and receiving

Medical—Patient Monitoring stations, Security

R&D—Supply storage, Testing and sampling

Distribution/Packaging—Sorting and packing, Quality station, Shipping and receiving

Lan  racks

Electrical/Mechanical—Assembly Equipment repair stations, Quality station, Shipping and receiving

Security—Video Monitoring station

Military—Maintenance/equipment repair, Quality station, Shipping and receiving

Manufacturing—Assembly, Tool storage, Light manufacturing station, Equipment repair stations, Quality station, Shipping and receiving

Whatever the industry, the NCS Bench System can be customized to your exact specifications. With its versatile base unit, you can tailor your tech workbench to your specific needs by adding storage, shelving, cable management, height adjustability, and worksurface space.

NCS Custom Workstation Highlights

  1. Laminate and ESD (electro static dissipative) worksurfaces available
  2. Mounted power strip for easy access
  3. Integrated cable management system
  4. Trash opening in worksurface
  5. Rollout shelf for easy access
  6. Multiple rollout shelves for storage
  7. Shelves are adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees and available with or without dividers
  8. Shelves hold up to 850 lb
  9. Removable side panels let you expand the size of your workstation
  10. Height adjustable worksurfaces are available
  11. Optional back to back workbenches help maximize limited space