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Perfect for large scale screen arrays, with high tech lift systems

The Benchmark Ergo custom console makes it easy to configure and operate large, multi-screen displays. Designed like a cockpit, the high strength desk wraps around the operator and can be used sitting or standing, increasing comfort and ease of use. Equipped with lift systems powered by a motor, these consoles let you raise or lower both heavy desktop equipment and multiple screen displays quickly and quietly.

Benchmark Ergo

Take a closer look at our Benchmark Ergo custom console

  1. The frame design integrates all motorized lift components and user hardware to maximize space.
  2. Motorized lift systems are engineered to lift and lower monitors and desktop equipment quietly and effortlessly.
  3. Fixed height and adjustable slatwalls can be added.
  4. Choose the design of your custom console surface, from conventional linear surfaces to curved, cockpit options.
  5. The base frame and upper stackable walls offer ample interior storage for computer hardware, wiring, power supplies, and user gear.
  6. Landscape monitor systems securely attach displays in a semicircle configuration.