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Designed for your exact needs

We have customizable data center racks and enclosure platforms that meet the requirements of the most challenging and unique server storage and network applications. With steel welded frames and high max weight load limits, our server racks are durable, secure, and make it easy to install equipment and wiring. Plus, all of our racks are made in the USA.

Platinum 2.0 Server | Zone 4 Seismic Enclosures

Zone 4 Seismic rated, our fully-welded 4-post frame data center racks can carry a 3,000 lb static or dynamic load. They are powder coated to prevent paint peeling or chipping, and these server racks can be customized to meet your specific wiring, equipment, and security needs.

Custom server rack

Our team of engineers will design a custom server rack that meets your specifications. You choose the dimensions, color, equipment integrations, power needs, cooling solutions, cable management system, and more. We will develop a design for your approval, then manufacture the server rack to the exact specifications.

ESG Rack

Equipped with solid based frames that are made from 14 gauge steel, our ESG Rack is strong and durable. Plus, with depth and height customizations available, we can design it to meet the requirements of a wide variety of different applications.