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When you can’t find the right server rack for your specific needs, our engineers at e-SystemsGroup will work with you to design a custom server rack to meet your exact specifications. With over 60 years of experience in contract manufacturing, e-SystemsGroup has completed thousands of projects involving custom server racks coordinated by our dedicated project management professionals.

Specifications to Consider for Custom Options

There is no limit to the customization or the application of your custom server rack. We can tailor the following features to your exact needs to build your perfect custom server rack.

  • Dimensions for the overall rack and enclosure
  • Color of the powder coat
  • Integrations needed for specific equipment
  • Specifications for shock and vibration
  • Requirements for cooling solutions
  • Needs for power solutions
  • Management of cables
  • Sound dampening
Custom Wall Server Racks

Choose Your Wall Mount Server Rack

We offer a variety of standard wall mount server rack designs and models that can be custom configured for unique commercial or military requirements.

  • Most models are offered with a perforated front door
  • Plexi inserts and solid doors available
  • Rack mount: 19” EIA-310-D
Configured ModelRMUDimensionsSpecial Features
MSC03544U12″ x 24″ x 30″Vented front door with padlock clasp
1 4636-24PD11U36″ x 24′ x 24″Perforated front door
2 463691811U36″ x 24′ x 24″Open front with tapped rails
3 PT2250826U48.2″ x 24″ x 36″Wall mountable and convertible to free-standing. Includes chimney and fan kit.