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With over 60 years of experience in contract manufacturing, e-SystemsGroup has completed thousands of custom projects with dedicated project management professionals and step-by-step customer service guidance.


Custom Millwork

e-SystemsGroup can design and manufacture custom-sized and angled adjustable consoles, credenza units, and conference tables with finishes and edge treatments to match your existing aesthetic.


Powder Coating

e-SystemsGroup’s large-capacity powder coat system is an environmentally friendly paint application that can accommodate product as large as 4 feet by 4 feet and 12 feet in length. Parts and components are cleaned utilizing a three-stage phosphate process for improved adhesion and an even coating. We can recommend powder coatings to fit requirements for high-quality applications with a wide range of industry matches to select.


Laminating & Woodworking

e-SystemsGroup can manufacture laminate products such as: fixtures, displays, commercial furniture, cabinets, countertops, and millwork. CNC routers, flat and contoured edge banders, and automatic post formers provide a range of material and design solutions for any product. We use industry-recognized suppliers for decorative laminate overlays and edging materials.



e-SystemsGroup offers a full line of MIG and high-frequency TIG welding for precision applications as well as spot welding capability. We can work with a variety of material types and thicknesses, including conductive and coated materials.


In-House Engineering

e-SystemsGroup has an on-site team of engineers who specialize in AutoCAD and SolidWORKS to expertly render products to exact specifications and provide detailed visual outlines of projects.


Rapid Prototyping

e-SystemsGroup can provide you with rapid turnaround (2 days to 2 weeks) of prototypes or first-article products. Working through the design process, we can build or modify parts using our advanced machinery and skilled operators.


Metal Fabrication

e-SystemsGroup’s 50,000 square foot facility consistently produces and assembles the highest quality parts and products. e-SystemsGroup works to exacting tolerances with a variety of materials including stainless, cold-rolled, tool, and alloy steels as well as aluminum from 20 gauge to 1/4” thick. The equipment features quick change tooling and automated processing, providing flexibility, increased output, efficiency and quality at competitive prices for quality product delivered on time.

A worker wearing a face shield and gloves bends over his work while welding a steel frame.

Custom Projects

Our team of engineers can also design custom products to meet your exact needs. Whether you have an idea of what you want or just a problem to solve, we will work with you to determine the specific requirements and specifications for a charging cabinet, console, or data center rack to fit your operation precisely.