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e-Systems has partnered with the utilities industry to support the 24/7 mission-critical needs of control room environments and their operators.  e-Systems supports process control’s unique needs with durable 24/7 consoles that address operator comfort and productivity while also optimizing monitoring and technology integration.

With adaptable, forward-thinking console designs, e-Systems accommodates the functional and ergonomic needs of waste water treatment plants, gas and electric power plants, mining and offshore drilling sites and their operators. e-Systems offers a lifetime warranty and understands the durability requirement of industrial facilities.

e-Systems unique live console furniture installation process ensures zero downtime for control rooms and command centers with seamless transition and uninterrupted process control.

Advanced Modular Console Systems

With tailored features and functions for power, water, and other utilities, e-Systems creates custom solutions for workstations, rooms, or entire facilities. Our 24/7 consoles address the unique challenges of your environment.

custom consoles, work stations, and enclosures

With an eye for improving effectiveness and productivity as well as comfort and user experience, e-Systems’ turnkey solutions are engineered to support high-density monitoring and DSC upgrades.

custom consoles, work stations, and enclosures

e-Systems 24/7 consoles are manufactured with durable, steel and include a lifetime warranty. Console design ensures long-term adaptability via modular components that are easily modified as your control room evolves.

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utilities industry consoles

Extensive selection of standard frames and connecting transitions with integrated equipment storage and monitor-mounting solutions are configurable to support individual and collaborative team environments. Height-adjustable upgrades address multi-shift environments. Aesthetic styling and optional finishing features elevate company branding preferences.

Linear, small and large scale corners, double-sided and shared team configurations are all within design reach of the 6” wall system that works like office furniture with the heart of a true console system.  The steel frame is ultra-strong and slim but affords extensive internal cable, data and power integration. Specify almost any position with sit-stand functionality where needed for primary dispatch and call-taking work.

The extensive line of single, dual, triple, quad and multi-monitor mounts provides a customized solution to manage prevailing screen technologies that attach in a variety of ways to your workstation for the best fit.   Arms can be attached to surfaces, articulated from display walls or mount overhead to bring larger screens more directly to the operator.