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e-SystemsGroup understands that whether protecting corporate assets, government buildings, medical facilities or universities, consoles and security rooms and workstations are an integral part of maintaining safe environments. For spaces that require rigorous 24/7 monitoring and surveillance, we keep operator efficiency and comfort top of mind.

Our security rooms and workstations evolve with your operation, addressing security elements unique to each application, while adhering to necessary compliance regulations. With quick manufacturing turnaround and swift product installation, e-SystemsGroup’s technology tables, console furniture, monitor arms and arrangements are guided from the start by a professional, effective design team.

Security & Surveillance


24/7 consoles provide longevity through the manufacture of durable, steel consoles with lifetime warranties and long-term adaptability through modular design and modifiable components.

Peak Performance

High-density technology and monitoring demands are anticipated so scalable solutions are designed with integrated, secure technology storage, monitor mounting and segregated cable routing features.


Our range of console accessories enables finalized technical workstation design. From additional keyboard storage, lighting, personal temperature stations, and comfortable seating.

e-SystemsGroup has the following recommendations Security and Surveillance applications:

Benchmark Ergo

Benchmark Ergo “Hercules”

Built for strength, Benchmark Ergo is the ergonomic answer for large-scale screen arrays, technology integration and operator enhancement.


Guardian – “The Protector”

The Guardian is specifically designed for present and future security technologies while featuring sturdy steel-welded construction.


Mobilize – “Light Speed”

The Mobilize ergonomic consoles feature sit-stand adjustable monitor positioning and optional tilting surface allowing for rapid deployment and storage.


ITRAC – “The Workhorse”

ITRAC’s unique 12″ frame system supports an unparalleled capacity to integrate computer gear, wiring and power support.