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Technology is making a difference in today’s healthcare environment. Healthcare barcode scanners and other healthcare data capture devices have become invaluable while improving patient care and overall staff effectiveness.

These handheld healthcare devices typically come with a large price tag. Administrators are searching for a way to secure, charge and manage these devices.


Reduce loss, diminishment, and damage through proper asset management of devices


Approved user access to scanners, secure devices when not in use


Reduce real estate required for charging scanners

e-Systems Group has the following recommendations for Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals and Medical Device Manufacturers:


The HIVE™ high-density handheld charging cabinet provides fast charging, secure storage and cord management for a variety of handheld devices and charging cradles. Make sure your handheld scanners, readers, and radios come home after every shift.

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Allrise Ergonomic Workbench

The Allrise Ergonomic Workbench is the most customizable workbench on the market today.

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