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Data Center and Information Technology

Whether colocation, cloud, hyperscale or multi-tenant, our specially designed racks and technical furniture are customized to support uptime, airflow, and maximum space efficiency in data centers.

With data center real estate purchases at an all-time high, along with power equipment and monitoring systems integration, e-Systems can help protect those mission-critical investments.

With over 30 years’ experience supporting data center build outs, e-Systems offers two state-of-the-art 19” rack systems (Platinum 2.0 and ESG Series) assembled by an expert metal-working team in the U.S.


All e-Systems data center products are designed with the utmost efficiency in mind – from perforated doors with industry leading airflow specifications to customized network and cable management solutions.


e-Systems racks are compatible with all major brands of PDU, 19” servers and other industry technical equipment, such as blanking panels, airflow tiles, IT hardware, and biometric access systems.


e-Systems server racks are fully modular and can be customized for additional bays, network or blade accommodations.  Racks can be upgraded from manual door activation to electronic and biometric controls.

e-Systems Group has the following recommendations for Data Center and Information Technology applications:

Platinum 2.0 Server | Zone 4 Seismic Enclosures

Zone 4 Seismic rated, our fully-welded 4-post frame racks can carry a 3,000 lb static or dynamic load. Fully customizable to your exact specifications.

Custom and Wall Mount Racks

Our engineering team can work with you to design a custom rack built to your specifications that will provide the exact functionality you need.