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Complex command centers require planning, with special consideration for far-reaching technical considerations, and long-term support to make sure that everything keeps running every day of the year.

Selecting the right control room console for your demanding mission critical environment requires considering the proper balance between operator needs and technology integration, while taking into account control room elements. Some of the most common evaluation criteria are ergonomics, function, modularity, lead time and durability.  You might also have a very unique requirement needing customized recommendations. And, of course, cost can’t be ignored.


With so much to consider, it is crucial you rely on product specialists with proven knowledge and skills to help you make the best choice. It will be important that they capture detailed information about short-term requirements and future plans, survey operators for their preferences, identify key pain points of current and past experiences, and make creative design recommendations.

A sampling of key discussion points include:

  • Operator comfort during long shifts
  • Collaborative operator interactions
  • Traffic patterns and distractions
  • Access and sightlines to monitoring information
  • Storage and protection of critical technology and equipment
  • Potential impact of long-range business plans

e-SystemsGroup has the following recommendations for Command Center applications:


Contour – “The Contortionist”

Contour is designed to assure flexibility. It is built from rugged steel to create a sturdy, true 24/7 control room console.

Benchmark Ergo

Benchmark Ergo “Hercules”

Built for strength, Benchmark Ergo is the ergonomic answer for large-scale screen arrays, technology integration and operator enhancement.