"The Workhorse"

The unique, 12” frame system offers flexible workstation planning and supports an unparalleled capacity to integrate computer gear, wiring and power support.  The high-capacity, 12” deep, steel platform accepts stackable walls for multiple large displays and surface depths up to 48” deep to offer the most expansive range of modular desktop sizes in the industry.


1. Robust display wall system permits overhead large display mounting

2. Corner connector with continuous cable management available to create a variety of angle configurations

3. 16” stackable wall permits high-density, large screen mounting, 19” rack-mount equipment or operator privacy when needed

4. Removable, locking steel service panels to access cable management raceways

5. Self-supporting work surfaces range from 24” to 48” in depth

6. 8” tall aluminum slatwall extrusion creates rigid interface for multiple monitors and storage accessories

7. 12” deep heavy-duty 12 and 16-gauge frame and wall system are incorporated in all structural elements of your workstation design

8. CPU storage components mount completely within the frame structure for security and concealment