"The Contortionist"

An ergonomically designed, 24/7 control room console, the Contour multi-screen workstation utilizes space efficiency for open-plan control room environments with limited space.  By keeping the 24/7 control room operator at the forefront, the Contour ergonomic console multiscreen-workstation responds to the user and enhances productivity with adaptability for future needs supported with a limited lifetime warranty.

Contour Advanced

Contour Advanced features a softly curved edge and is available with additional ergonomic functionality including sit/stand capability.

Contour Console

1. Removable top trim to permit access to the interior of the wall system

2. 90-degree corners and other angled connectors to form a variety of workstation space

3. Stackable wall, available 12” or 16” tall, for monitor mounting and privacy needs

4. Removable, locking service panels to access cable management raceways

5. Self-supporting 24” or 30” deep surfaces can be specified as fixed height or adjustable sit-stand

6. 8” tall aluminum slatwall extrusion creates rigid interface for multiple monitors and storage accessories

7. 6” thick heavy-duty 12 and 16-gauge steel frame and wall system with integrated cable raceways

8. CPU storage modules plug into the base to create roll-out and swing door access to hardware

9. Contour Advanced: sit-stand motorized lifts accommodates small corner to larger 6 x 6 90-degree workstations