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Since 1995, e-Systems has been a leader in the development and production of technical furniture systems and multi monitor workstations.  Our products are the most ergonomic, modular, weight-sustaining in the market and support testing, hardware set-up, and legacy equipment to enhance the mission-critical work in command and control centers.

technical furniture

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Ergonomic Custom Consoles
technical furniture

1. Sturdy open frame design supports up to 2650 lbs with the ability to create long runs without the need for intermittent support legs

2. Side panel cable access connect to integrated horizontal and vertical raceways

3. Easily add on to your existing workstation by adding expansion frames

4. Steel shelving can be configured to support up to 850 lbs and create continuous equipment space

5. Spacious work surfaces are 36” deep and support up to 400 lbs and are adjustable in 2” increments

technical furniture

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Technical Furniture
technical furniture

1. 48” and 72” wide benches can stand alone or be ganged as back-to-back workstations

2. Heavy-duty steel structure supports up to 1000 lbs

3. Optional ESD-safe laminates are available for primary surfaces

4. Operator can set worksurface from 27” to 42” to create a comfortable work position

5. Optional hook-on shelf, storage and technology support components attach directly to modular organizer frame sections

technical furniture

the benefits are clear

  • Superior weight capacities are unsurpassed by current industry offerings
  • Efficient use of space with the ability to configure multi monitor workstations up to 84” tall with a limitless array of design options
  • As a standard feature, all shelves are tilt adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees providing ergonomic viewing (NetCom)
  • Desktop surfaces fit tightly without unsightly gaps or spaces
  • Top and bottom frame cable ports positioned every 24” give you the ability to easily manage data/power from the ceiling or pull from the floor
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protecting our assets & mission
e-Systems did a very professional job with our data center and with zero interruption of services. From inception to continuing operation, they provide the products and services that protect our assets and mission. I would never go to anyone else!
- data center manager