radiology workstations

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e-Systems has extensive experience thinking outside the box and providing clients with a console solution that adheres to their unique strategy and environment. With innovative, customizeable product lines, such as sit-stand pod workstations and laboratory desks, e-Systems develops solutions based on innovative needs and the pulse of nontraditional industries.    

Using tenants of quality and durability found in all e-Systems product lines, e-Systems’ design and development team, as well as their manufacturing professionals, listen to the specific requirements for every facility or application. e-Systems has the competence and capability to create custom products at any scale.

Working together with the client at every step of the collaborative vision, e-Systems modifies the console to the user – not the user to the console.

radiology workstations
Radiology Workstations

1. The table moves 25” to 51” to reach a comfortable height

2. Route cords and cables through a flexible carrier that adjusts through the desk’s entire range of motion

3. Integrated power strips provides multiple outlets for your equipment and the lifting columns

4. The rugged table lifts up to 550 lbs with quiet, smooth-action motorized lifts

5. Outfit your table with optional monitor arm mounts, CPU holders and technology accessories to custom fit your table

radiology workstations

the benefits are clear

  • Electronic lifting columns with digital control pad activation
  • Lifting load capacity range: 550 lbs to 1075 lbs (determined by workstation width and number  of lifts)
  • Laminate worksurface with t-mold edge treatment
  • Flexible cable management organizes and protects cables during surface travel
  • Optional vertical tilt feature 
  • Ideal for medical image and multimedia work
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they created the perfect solution
We were working with our customers to come up with something that would satisfy the existing footprint of our old racks, while having features and a design that IT administrators would appreciate. e-System's attention to detail and thoughtful design created the perfect solution.
- it systems coordinator

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