High Density Device Dock H3d
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Barcode and RFID Scanner Charging Cabinet

Titan of Protection… Small Footprint

Take charge. The High-Density Device Dock (H3D) from e-Systems Group is a barcode and RFID scanner charging cabinet that allows users to charge and secure devices in a small-footprint enclosure. It’s the asset that protects your assets. The H3D seamlessly integrates with EnaSys software (available as an upgrade). EnaSys gives administrators the ability to track and control which personnel can check in and out devices. Through a unique heat dissipation and charging array, H3D extends the lifetime and performance of device batteries.

H3D is being used in the distribution, warehousing, technology, education, and military sectors, but can be adapted to a wide range of work environments. The cabinet, security features, and charging capabilities are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of users and administrators.  

Are you ready to cut the clutter, reduce loss, and increase the productivity of your team? H3D is the answer.
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features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded construction.
  • Quick-release door swing handle with keyed lock.
  • Inset acrylic window.
  • Accessible backend through removable panel with internal lock.
  • Recessed back panel allows cabinet to be placed flush with walls.
  • Side panels removable with cam lock and key.
  • Consolidated power supply is secured at the backend of shelves.
  • Retractable, vented drawers for increased airflow.
  • Anti-rollback shelf design for ease of use.
  • Four (4) top-mounted thermodynamic fans to dissipate heat.
  • Integrated LED light strip for increased visibility (mounted in front of rack).
  • Heavy-duty casters to prevent tripping — two (2) recessed locking and two (2) non-locking.
  • Network-connected PDU with 12 outlets. Supports up to 12 charging cradles.
  • Fully customizable to suit a range of devices and charging cradles.
  • Custom color finishes and branding available.
  • Optional Seismic Anchor Kit for seismically active zones.

technical info

Model:  218174 (H3D)
Finish: Textured Black (BK04X) Epoxy Coating
Shipping Weight:  305 lbs.
23.6” W x27.5” D x 52.6” H

Take Charge

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to charging, storing, and securing your team’s handheld devices? H3D can show you the way. Contact EDP to request a quote and inquire about additional features.

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❯ Compatible with All Major Handhelds

The High-Density Device Dock is compatible with Zebra TC56 and TC55 units as well as most asset-tracking handhelds. When you are ready to upgrade your handheld technologies, e-Systems Group can install or deliver fit-outs specifically designed for these devices.

These device charging racks are designed with organization in mind. Fit-outs are molded to suit your exact brand of handheld. The fit-outs are mounted directly to retractable drawers, ensuring charging cradles are secure and evenly spaced.

No matter where you are in the world, the H3D can be wired to meet the electrical standards of your country.

❯ Small Footprint

No more tangled wires, scattered charging docks, or cluttered workspaces. H3D streamlines charging and storage by placing all handhelds in one access-secured enclosure. The cabinet takes up very little floorspace and is constructed to withstand the realities of busy work and storage areas.

All power supply units are mounted at the back of the enclosure, greatly improving cable management and power distribution. These design considerations also allow the H3D to be placed flush against walls.

❯ Advanced Security Features

The H3D is serious about security. With physical and electronic deterrents, the H3D is protected against forced and unauthorized access attempts. All H3D units ship with a network-connected PDU, which can be upgraded to a WIFI-connected PDU.

The cabinet features a fully welded construction and a shatter-resistant acrylic window. The full-length LED light bars illuminate the interior, allowing for quick visual inspection of devices. To prevent the cabinet from tipping, the H3D features a counter balance design with a plinth surround.

When used alongside EnaSys, the H3D gives administrators an audit trail of all personnel checking in and out devices. Additional security upgrades include electronic locks, biometric access controls, and PIN/swipe systems. Administrators can limit access to H3D while on location, or remotely via an encrypted connection.

EnaSys offers a comprehensive solution for high-value inventory control. The system is powerful, yet intuitive. With the optional EnaSys upgrade, users can extend asset tracking capabilities and receive reporting results with remarkable detail.

❯ Scalable and Future-Proof

The H3D can be upgraded through software updates, enhancing its functionality and security features. If you choose to install multiple H3D cabinets within separate buildings, administrators can synchronize the data for easy reporting. Units can be installed up front or retro-fitted, all depending on the needs of the client.

❯ Extends the Lifetime of Devices

Excess heat gain while charging handheld devices, such as RFID and barcode scanner devices, is one of the primary causes of battery deterioration. The High-Density Device Dock features four vertical cooling fans to dissipate heat. Each drawer is fitted with vent openings to allow optimal vertical airflow. These design implementations allow device batteries to charge efficiently and prevent batteries from deteriorating prematurely.

❯ Custom Finishes and Branding

The H3D is available in a range of sizes and finishes, allowing customers to choose a cabinet that perfectly complements their branding and asset tracking needs.

Customization options include full-color logos and finishes to match the décor of your workplace.

The H3D is precision-crafted in New York using fully welded construction techniques for maximum strength and durability.