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best in performance

Our premier console offers the best in ergonomic performance for large-scale screen arrays, technology integration and operator comfort and efficiency.

Designed for the most technology intensive 24/7 environments, Contour Ascend provides exceptional multi-screen and large displays with cockpit designs that wrap around the operator with full sit-stand surface performance built into the footprint of the frame structure.

contour ascend
Contour Ascend

1. Frame design is our largest system to elegantly integrate all motorized lift components user hardware for maximum operator clearance and clean furniture lines

2. Latest generation motorized lift systems and engineered to quietly and effortlessly manage heavy-duty load applications associated with multiple displays and desktop equipment

3. Slatwall options can be specified for fixed-height and adjustable surfaces

4. Work surface designs range from conventional linear surfaces to curved, cockpit styles

5. Base frames and upper stackable walls offer our best interior storage for computer hardware, wiring, power supplies and end-user gear

6. Landscape monitor systems securely attach displays to create parabolic arrangements that can be operated with single-touch activation

contour ascend

the benefits are clear

  • Lift technology offers multiple, synchronized columns, motorized with quiet operation and exceptional load capacity
  • Steel or laminate panels can be specified to match your work environment
  • Steel base units provide ample internal storage to accommodate CPUs and rack-mount equipment
  • Console configurations are designed to manage a few monitors to as many as twelve widespan monitors
  • Surface can be designed with connective accessories such as USB, charging ports and convenience data ports
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a can-do attitude
Choosing a manufacturer willing to be a partner over the long haul is vital. e-Systems has proven time and time again that they do whatever it takes to help me and my clients. Their can-do attitude and high-quality products are unparalleled.
I can’t  imagine doing my job without them.
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