Winter Increases Need for Solid PSAP Control Rooms

November 6th through the 11th was Winter Hazard Awareness week, and internationally, winter weather increases the number of emergency calls to PSAP control rooms. The uptick in calls, up to 3000% in some areas, requires additional staffing and recruitment as well as a comfortable, efficient 24/7 work environment designed with the operator in mind.

e-Systems Group provides a year-round solution:

Monitor Integration: Select from a portfolio of mounting methods and monitor arm models to manage parabolic arrangements, multi-tiered configurations and over-sized monitors. Monitors can be accommodated with no walls for maximum sight-line visibility or be configured with fully functional slatwalls in a variety of heights to ‘stack’ monitors and accessories, or to provide workstation privacy.

Contemporary Styling: A variety of steel, laminate and fabric finishes are available to create attractive workstations, along with options for custom design details and company branding.

Technology Integration: Command/control environments must address multiple processors, rack-mount equipment, electronic gear and power supplies with high concentrations of cabling and wiring. All our lines offer secure and easily accessible components to manage multiple CPUs, 19” hardware and integrated mounting methods for interface panels, annunciators, keyboards and other peripherals.

Modular Structure: A portfolio of standard frames including, connectors (posts), worksurfaces, slatwalls, and technology components will support limitless space plans for open floor and closed room environments. Design your console layout to provide arched or angled layouts for video wall viewing, back-to-back configurations, high-density team modules, or straight runs. All console systems incorporate modularity, robust construction, and excellent technology integration features.

Ergonomics: e-Systems offers operator comfort solutions to improve users’ productivity, safety and interface with mission-critical technology, including: Flat Panel Monitor Arms
• Multiple arm mount solutions to meet specifications for screen density and workstation integration
• Multi-monitor configurations
• Surface and slatwall mounting methods
• Convertible mounts
• Single-touch arms
• Oversized display integration

Sit-Stand Functionality
Ergonomic electrical adjustability offers maximum flexibility when it comes to suiting individual needs in highly specialized technical workstations. Available for linear and larger cockpit-style configurations. Adjustable work surfaces feature integrated cable management carriers to manage technology wiring as surfaces move up and down.
• Height-adjustable electronic lift workstations
• Optional dual and single surface configurations
• Tilt-adjustable keyboard platform
• Available for Contour and Metrics lines

Neatly and efficiently integrate keyboards and devices with standard and custom component solutions
• Keyboards
• Rack-mount equipment
• Alarms/Annunciators

Thoughtful Workstation Design Elements
• Comfort Edge-ergonomic sloped work surface edge (nosing)
• Workstation Lighting (LED)

Don’t depend on Santa for your winter workstation needs. Contact e-Systems today >

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