The Next Generation of Ergonomic Workstation Technology

Ergonomic design is about more than comfort—it’s about long-term health and satisfaction for your employees. That’s one reason so many workplaces across the industry have adopted sit-stand desks, which promote good circulation and posture by allowing workers to adjust their workstations to a comfortable position.

e-Systems Group is pleased to introduce the next generation of technology for our height-adjustable workstations. These new components allow our consoles to adjust faster and with less noise, thanks to a newly-developed lift system that provides smoother motion via quieter components. They also feature a sleek, modern design that makes them look great in any office setting, offering the perfect combination of form and function.

Touch Technique Technology

Height-adjustable workstations are meant to be touched, so the controls should work well without being obtrusive. We’ve outfitted our ergonomic workstations with an innovative control panel design based on touch techniques that combines high-end design standards with ease of use.

The DPT integrates directly in the monitor and keyboard surface, providing seamless ergonomic function for your employees. It’s one more way we’re utilizing innovative technology to improve user experience with our technical furniture systems.

Product Specifications

Here’s a closer look at the specifications of these new features:

Lifting Column Features

  • Max thrust 700 N per column
  • Max speed: 38 mm/s unloaded
  • Color: Black
  • Low and uniform noise level
  • PVC-free column

DPT Control Features:

  • LED display for height indication (in either cm or inch)
  • 6 buttons (3 memory buttons, 1 store button and 2 standard up/down buttons)
  • Color: Black frame and acrylic (RAL 9007)
  • Featuring ZERO™: Very low power consumption in standby mode

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