Reducing Control Room Turnover

Process control, utilities and other industrial markets can experience high control room turnover, spending significant amounts of money and other resources on rehiring and training for intricate and often hazardous procedures.

24/7 operation can be rigorous, and according to a control room designer, furniture and ergonomics are often to blame for employee departure.

As organizations implement considerations for employee well being, there are a number of features to incorporate to create a more operator and controller friendly environment:

• Adjustable desks, monitor arms, and screens for height, distance and angle
• Additional lightning capabilities
• Speaker and sound tailoring
• Advanced cable management
• Unique temperature settings
• Flexible sit-stand options
• Accommodating ergonomic and pressure-relief seating

These elements are not only proven to increase job satisfaction and career length, but they also enhance workplace safety.

Designing and manufacturing for mission critical requirements for over 70 years, e-Systems has an established history of delivering custom configurations for command + control and security market segments that require highly customizable console solutions. e-Systems consoles are specifically designed for technology-intensive command + control room environments, along with security + surveillance applications.

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