e-Systems Group announces Sentinel Console System for security and surveillance companies

Sentinel Console System

e-Systems Group, a leader in the console and rack market, has launched a major advancement in security consoles, Sentinel Series Monitoring Console System, for the security and surveillance industry. We’re excited to tell you about this innovative new offering.

What is the Sentinel Console System?

Sentinel Series Monitoring Console System is a flexible, scalable system and has been designed for optimum operator effectiveness insecurity and surveillance applications.

Why is it an innovation?


·        Dematerialized construction to be much nimbler.

·        Technology Management Rail (TMR) so all and lighting and personal power and data devices can be consolidated off the surface and out of the way of the monitors.

·        Along with hi-capacity power and cable raceway, this workstation offers exceptional management features in a small, work station product.

·        Tilt features for nesting, storage and easier optional tilt feature end with “transport” in lieu of transportation.

·        It can be ganged together toollessly.

·        Sit/stand height adjustment desk.

Product Highlights

·        Two-tier screen capability retracts back and below work surface and can accommodate screens up to 50 pounds.

·        Screen array mounts to rail with quick connectfeature without tools.

·        Power/Cableway Bridge is toolless for rapid deployment and can pivot to create concave configurations.

·        12” x 18” Power/Cableway designed to accept small format PC and thin clients

How is it being made available to security and surveillance companies?

·        E-Systems will brand the Sentinel Console System for any type of corporate security, law enforcement or private security company so they can use it through their system.

Where can I learn more about Sentinel Series Monitoring Console System?

·        Visit our website at

·        Contact us at (800) 432-1447 or

·        Ask us for a demo at your company 

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