Create Your Vision

by Joe Grant

Welcome to 2019!  e-Systems Group is excited to be part of your new year. You may

know us as a leading innovator for technical consoles and rack systems.  However, the news that I’m delighted to share with you is that over the past 70 years as we worked to meet our customers’ consoles and rack requirements, we also gradually became called upon for help

as a reliable supplier to them for our unique capabilities as a contract manufacturer.  It didn’t happen overnight but the demand grew and grew and over the past few years it was clear to us that we could better serve all of our customers if we considered expanding our role in the area of contract manufacturing.  More and more our customers began looking to us for help with custom parts ranging from small metal brackets and plates to larger metal enclosures and custom millwork and just about everything in-between.  We’re still hard at work supplying customers with leading edge rack systems and consoles, but the demand has increased tremendously for our contact manufacturing services.  So, my mission is to reach out to you and to let you know that we’re well positioned now in 2019 to be your strategic partner for turnkey manufacturing solutions.  Whether large or small, wood or metal, we want to work with your product design team on your next project.  Our Engineering Group is well equipped to assist you and your team in creating that new product vision.

wood side panel for turntables

Let Me Give You An Example

The photo above shows one of our new customer’s high end audio turntables.  They decided to mark their 40th Anniversary by producing a very special limited edition model.  They had the initial design and also an idea for the overall look of it in mind. They wanted our help to make this unit look elegant, sleek and very modern and to give it that “something extra special.”  Their idea was to add attractive wooden side panels to the turn table.  We worked with them to find the best available material.  We provided numerous samples (ranging from the popular exotic woods to more common types) for them to select from and gave them options as to the level of high gloss finish needed to fit with their final vision.  Once we settled on all the right options, our skilled team got to work cutting, profiling, sanding, staining, and then adding the thick clear coating to produce a work of art suitable for our customer’s “one of a kind” vision.  We delivered our 10 piece prototype on time for them to make a huge splash at a major audio trade show in the Washington DC area.  The show was a huge success for our customer.  They were so pleased with the work we had done and that we captured their vision that they decided to send us several other drawings for other related requirements (both wood & metal).  We’ve just begun the production phase on this project and things are taking off very nicely.  We’ve established a wonderful partnership with this customer and we hope we can do the same with you!

contract manufacturing company

We invite you to Conklin, NY for a tour of the production facility and to meet with our dedicated ESG team.  We’re eager to get to work turning your ideas into reality!  Whether it’s a “build to print” requirement or you’re in need of full scale design support and no matter the scope of your project, we will exceed your expectations!  Please contact us today for your custom contract manufacturing needs.

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