Get Control Room Storage Solutions to Match Your Operator Console's Performance

by Michael David

control room storage solutions

Control room furniture typically focuses on the comfort and efficiency for operators and their workstation design.  But many of our customers in these environments also have oversized test equipment, sensitive calibration machines, ovens, meters, scales, tools, printers, and radio battery charging applications that require workbenches and cabinets not supported by traditional office products. We recently introduced a complimentary line of control room storage systems to support the weight loads and rigors of industrial and technical processes:

1. Heavy-gauge steel cabinets accept decorative laminate tops, solid hardwood tops or durable solid surface materials  

2. Cabinets include multiple cable management grommets to manage wiring from the top surface into the cabinet cavity

3. Cabinets include adjustable heavy-duty steel shelves  

4. Cabinets can be ganged and secured to flooring or hard walls

5. Cabinet powder coat finishes match or complement operator consoles

6. Standard 36” widths with options for 24”, 30” and 36” deep cabinet housings to accommodate large equipment and internal items

7. Custom cabinets widths and heights available

8. Cabinet  configurations designed for permitting and LOTO (Lockout/Tagout)  

9. Matching  open and closed cabinet configurations to support break rooms and service areas for staff

More Than Just Technology Furniture

Your control room team will likely get the job done no matter what.  However, why not maximize their abilities and workspace with furniture specially designed with their jobs in mind?

Some of the factors we assess include:

·        Budget

·        Existing equipment and equipment needs, such as displays,cabling, input devices, and hardware integration

·        Sight-lines and movement patterns

·        Preferred materials and finishes

·        Daily tasks and operational challenges

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