Considerations for Process Industries Control Rooms

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too!

The design and purchase of your control room can leave you feeling just that way!

OR it can leaving you feeling like “This was a mistake! What did we do?"

In process control industries, the Control Room is the heart of your facility - each day the company’s strategic plan is orchestrated by the Control Room’s daily operations. Sometimes the daily operations are sidetracked by problem events. Your operators are there to support the day to day functions but are well trained in addressing these events and whether small or catastrophic, the operators need to be on their best game.  

One of the leading focuses of design in a control room is addressing human factors.

Having your cake and eating it too is knowing that the state of the art control room has been delivered, contributed to, not hindered, and is successful. This environment has significant impact on both routine operations and critical situations for the operators and the company.

Control room console designs need to address, besides ergonomics, the job role and functions effectively.

- is there a need for collaborative areas, secondary or back-up arrangements?

- what are the shared equipment needs such as white boards, mobile pedestal filing?

- how does the operator interact with the process? What communication resources are utilized, how are the monitors most effectively situated and are they adjusted for viewing angles?

- does your console design partner sit with your operators, “walk in your shoes” to understand your process and the users tendencies so they can be addressed in your console and operational design.  

The control room operator’s actions have a direct impact on costs:  time, production output, quality, and safety. Control room workplaces designed to address the need for shortened response times while supporting 24/7 operational needs of the company is what e-Systems Group  ( specializes in - call us and let us help you have your cake!

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