Barco and e-Systems Group Introduce the First Truly Configurable Security Workspace Environment

This changes everything. In partnership with Barco, e-Systems Group is introducing the first truly reconfigurable workspace environment. This partnership brings Barco’s OpSpace® and UniSee® solutions to e-Systems Group’s Guardian Security reception desks and Sentinel security consoles.

Through the parallel goals of our two companies we hope to create an unparalleled user experience — one that allows critical facility personnel to conduct their best work. With powerful, yet streamlined tools at their disposal, operators can now have the right information, at the right time, greatly improving their ability to respond decisively to emerging situations.

We believe this partnership will result in a suite of tools that will transform the way critical facility operators conduct their work, and we are excited to continue this partnership with Barco as we head into new territories.

Barco OpSpace®: A New Kind of Workspace

More freedom, more control. Barco OpSpace® enhances the ability of operators to interact with their workspaces. Previously, security operators only had access to pieces of information at a time. Alternating between feeds or data sets often meant switching between physical workstations, significantly reducing the operator efficiency and effectiveness.

The right information, at the right time. As information drives the decision-making processes of security personnel, having the right information at the right time is crucial to the decision-making process. OpSpace® helps operators do just that.

100% configurable. OpSpace® is 100% configurable from operator to operator. Within a uniform, streamlined workspace, operators can monitor an array of processes, such as live camera feeds, remote desktop views, and much more.

Designed for operators. With the ‘follow me’ function, each user’s personalized settings are restored at login, greatly improving operator efficiency and effectiveness. To quote Barco’s marketing materials, “The operator is now in the center of the information…” All data — even those from secure networks — are now within the operator’s reach.

A Broader, More Focused Approach to Security Workspaces

With Barco OpSpace®, operators not only see the “big picture,” but also the small details that often go unnoticed. OpSpace® allows operators to monitor all sources in a grid formation. Each source can be prioritized by scaling the window accordingly. Even with multiple sources running concurrently, the high-resolution display of the OpSpace® monitor makes all sources easy to identify and follow.

The “One Pixel Space” Concept

It’s of course composed of many pixels, but the One Pixel Space is a high-resolution unified display in which all sources can be freely moved and resized to suit the operator’s requirements.

One of the greatest benefits of this system is the ability for operators to interact with multiple systems without the need to move to separate workstations.

Highlights of the Barco OpSpace System

• User-configurable workspaces

• Unified visual workspace

• Designed for control and breakout rooms

• Intuitive interface

• Task-focused

• Control multiple sources from one workstation

• All applications are security accessible

• Expandable and future-proof

Learn more about OpSpace® on the Barco website.

Barco UniSee®: A Superior Video Wall for Critical Applications

The Barco UniSee® is a 55” tiled, bezel-free video wall platform designed for critical applications requiring bright, high-resolution imagery. Standout features of the UniSee® include:

• NoGap technology bezel-less displays (800 cd/m²)

• Sophisticated mounting framework for precise, automatic alignment

• Sense X technology for continuous, automatic calibration

• Fast servicing and diagnostics

• Modular, future-proof design

Visit the Barco website to learn more about the UniSee® system.

Guardian Security Reception Console

Featuring a welded-steel construction, the Guardian Security Reception Console is made for cutting-edge critical facility and security applications such as AI, facial recognition, neural networking, as well as software and hardware from Barco. Guardian is also designed to be ergonomic and sophisticatedly stylish.

The Guardian is available in 48”, 60”, and 72” versions, as well as a space-saving and ultra-wide (with return) varieties.

Standout features of Guardian include:

• Locking CPU swivel mount

• Integrated cable management

• Recessed monitor

• Locking steel service panel

• Welded-steel construction

• PVC T-mold edges

• Stainless steel kick plates

Visit the e-Systems Group website to learn more about Guardian.

Sentinel Security Console

e-Systems Group Sentinel Security Console

The Sentinel from e-Systems Group  is designed for control room operators. The Sentinel can be easily adjusted between sitting and standing positions. This setup emphasizes operator comfort and ergonomics, relieving many aspects of work-related fatigue. The Sentinel also incorporates the new Technology Management Rail system for perfect monitor sightlines.

Standout features of the Sentinel include:

• Quick-connect, tool-less screen array mounts

• Rapid deployment, tool-less power/cableway bridge

• Two-tier screen capabilities

• Sit/stand height adjustable (BIFMA/ADA approved)

• Folds 90 degrees for easy transport and storage

Visit the e-Systems Group website to learn more about the space-saving Sentinel security workstation.

Barco TransForm N Collaboration Wall Manager

Designed for collaborative sessions in breakout rooms, Barco’s TransForm N Collaboration Wall Manager features a web-based user interface that is easy to use and intuitive. The Collaboration Wall Manager is markedly different from the company’s previous offerings, emphasizing ad hoc selection feeds over the more rigid, layout-centric viewing space that was more geared towards control room settings.

The main features of the TransForm N Collaboration Wall Manager include:

Control Panel. Control Panel is a Windows-based application that allows system administrators to setup, configure, and execute the TransForm N system. Control Panel gives system administrators total control over video input selections, video wall output, and user-specific management functions.

Sidebar. Sidebar is a Windows-based application that is primarily utilized by advanced control room operators. Sidebar allows operators to transform system sources by changing these into “fit-for-purpose” sources that can be grouped and arranged into ‘perspectives’ on the video wall.

Launchpad. Launchpad makes it quick and easy to boot the Transform N Collaboration Wall Manager. Through the browser-based interface, video wall operators can select from pre-defined layouts, change sources, swap out feeds, and compose video wall tile configurations.

Visit the Barco website to learn more about the TransForm N Collaboration Wall Manager.

About Barco

Barco is the undisputed leader in video wall displays. Their products are deployed at breakout rooms and control rooms around the world and their heads-up displays are currently in use by U.S. fighter pilots.

About e-Systems Group

From their headquarters in Conklin, New York, e-Systems Group designs and manufactures user-centric workstations, consoles, server enclosures, and technical furniture. All of the company’s products are proudly made in the USA.

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