About Your Control Room Operators

November 6th through the 11th was Winter Hazard Awareness week, and internationally, winter weather increases the number of emergency calls to PSAP control rooms. How can workspaces and consoles empower control room operators to become faster decision makers?

Control room tasks have not changed dramatically in several decades; operators still monitor power, manage traffic, and maintain security. However, the technologies and processes used to complete these tasks have evolved tremendously, becoming more complex and involved.

To increase operator responsiveness, attention, and awareness, workstations are migrating away from the collective. Instead of large, communal video walls observing a massive operational picture, individual controllers are being outfitted with personalized desktop spaces that not only connect to their appropriate networks and house all necessary equipment but also tailor to the particular objectives they are seeking to accomplish.

With all the appropriate information and tools at the forefront, operators can quickly and effectively analyze, act, and share outcomes with other decision makers from the field to the boardroom. Whether it be specialized AV equipment, ergonomic seating, or special security permissions, individual workspaces designed with controller requirements in mind will be key in 2017 and beyond.

Designed with the Operator in Mind

Designing and manufacturing for mission critical requirements for over 70 years, e-Systems has an established history of delivering tailored configurations for command + control and security market segments that require highly customizable console solutions. e-Systems consoles are specifically designed for technology-intensive command + control room environments, along with security + surveillance applications.

If you are looking for a console design or a complete integrated AV package, then e-Systems can help. With in-house product management, engineering, sheet metal fabrication, wood shop, powder coating systems, AV systems engineering, and a shipping department, ESG can support your engineering requirements from slightly modified to highly customized consoles and specialty products. All custom work occurs in the main facility located in Conklin, NY.

ESG routinely manages console projects with custom workstation sizes to meet open and closed room architecture, along with user-defined cable management, equipment and power integration solutions.

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