10 Command Center Consoles Questions to Ask Before You Order

by Tim Burke

Command center consoles are self-contained furniture and wall units specifically engineered for the rigors and fast pace of a 24/7 command center environment.

They are also a big investment. If you are thinking purchasing units or are already in the buying process ,the questions you ask now can save you time, money and energy down the line.

Here are 10 questions on command center consoles to ask before you order. We’ve also provided answers to make sure you are going with the right supplier and getting the right solution.

  1. Is that a console or a piece of furniture? Consoles comply with the electrical needs of a computer, phone, radio--basically anything that sits on top of the desk. Consoles should also have intense technological capabilities for servers, cabling and power in or below the work surface of the console.
  2. What are the color options? Examples are: Warm wood tones, gray, black.
  3. Where is the product manufactured?  Knowing where the command center consoles are made can help determine the quality of the product as well as how accessible replacement parts and warranty needs will be handled. And Freight costs.
  4. Does that console come in multiple sizes? It’s imperative you know the consoles will work with the space you have. Ask for designs from previous projects. It is especially true that one size doesn’t fit all. Make sure your command center consoles come in various shapes and sizes.
  5. Can it fit into weird shaped spaces? Don’t settle for the quick “yes.” Get proof from previous projects. Now’s your chance to see the     product in vivid detail, and a reputable supplier should be more than happy to accommodate your design needs to ensure it will work within the layout of your DOC or TOC.
  6. Can I try it out? Sit at the console, stretch your legs out and make sure your toes don’t hit anything and that you have (turn from side to side without bumping your knees). Remember to consider any tall operators at your center as well.
  7. Who designs the room layout? Find out if they design it or if they ship it out to a design mill; in-house manufacturers often can accommodate custom needs (design, size, color, etc.) much easier than mills.
  8. Can you show me that you meet the five ergonomic standards from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society? These are the factors noted as contributing to comfort and productivity in the workplace, so if they do not know what you are talking about, that should be a big hint that the console is not designed with the user in mind.
  9. What about your warranty? What happens if I scratch that paint / tear the fabric / break the door? These inevitable occurrences do happen, so find out what, if any, repairs are. And while a quality piece of console should be made of durable material you don’t want to be left out-to-dry should something happen.
  10. What are your lead times for new command center consoles? Find out how long it will take for you, once you’ve placed your order, to start enjoying your new consoles!

These command center console questions will put a supplier to the test. Do they help you understand what to look and ask for?

Are there any other questions you would like to ask us about command center consoles?


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