Metal Workbench With Drawers

Tables are handy furniture that acts as a landing spot for water, reading glasses, books, and any essential items you require before switching off your bedroom lights. Not every space is suitable for traditional nightstands. You may not have adequate space for a bedside table and a dresser. Maybe a storage ottoman is the only furniture piece that fits in your small space, or maybe you are looking for a unique design that will spice things up. Fortunately, there are pieces of furniture with flat surfaces that can be used as customized workbench tables. Continue reading and find an alternative that is ideal for your space.

Antique trunk

If you have an old trunk or several vintage suitcases that you are not using, you can use them as adjustable workbenches. You have to ensure that they have some weight not to topple when you place items on top. You can fill them up with your out-of-season decor or clothes to keep them stable.


Ideally, they are for keeping your clothes, piling your make-up and skincare essentials, and that place where you sit as you get ready. A dresser can be converted to a bedside table and can work for any bedroom of any size. If you have smaller spaces, you may benefit more from using the dresser. Typically dressers are taller than regular nightstands, so ensure you get precise measurements so that the height is right for your bed. A few inches above your mattress is a good size.

Tree trunk tables

To give your bedroom that indoors nature feel, you can go for a tree trunk table or even a faux bois type to replace a classic nightstand. You can choose a lower-slung design, but you may need a taller table lamp to ensure that you can get more reading light. Tree trunks can be made from reclaimed and authentic wood to give it that old rustic feel.


Most desks have the same height to function like bedside tables and can work as double-duty pieces of furniture. Meaning you can use it as a working space or as a bedside table. The large surface area allows you to spread out, and most desks come with drawer space. Ergonomic assembly desks that have drawer options are a good option for children’s rooms if they cannot accommodate a spot for homework and assignments.

Bar carts

You can take it from the living space and into the bedroom, exchanging glassware and drinks for lamps, baskets, a stack of books, or anything you want to keep close. Since they have two levels, they make a roomier and practice nightstand. It can also serve as assembly tables.

Skirted Table

It is the feminine alternative to a nightstand. You can also store smaller items underneath the skirt and tuck them out of sight. Skirted tables come in several designs and can be custom-made to fit a table that you already own. That old round table that you do not know can customize to technical assembly desks and tables, allowing you to store more items and use it as a nightstand.

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they created the perfect solution

We were working with our customers to come up with something that would satisfy the existing footprint of our old racks, while having features and a design that IT administrators would appreciate. e-System's attention to detail and thoughtful design created the perfect solution.

- it systems coordinator

e-Systems did a very professional job with our data center and with zero interruption of services. From inception to continuing operation, they provide the products and services that protect our assets and mission. I would never go to anyone else!


Choosing a manufacturer willing to be a partner over the long haul is vital. e-Systems has proven time and time again that they do whatever it takes to help me and my clients. Their can-do attitude and high-quality products are unparalleled. I can’t  imagine doing my job without them.


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At e-Systems Group, we are committed to hiring the best and the brightest to assure our products remain of the highest quality and durability, and are delivered on-time, every time.

Andrew Bromley

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Andrew Bromley joined the parent company, EDP Holdings, LLC in March of 2019 as its Procurement Manager.  As a procurement professional, Andrew quickly established vendor relationships, coordinating logistics as well as inventory control and management.  Andrew was then promoted to General Manager of e-Systems Group in September of 2019, adding to his procurement duties, the responsibilities of operational management, strategic planning, and direction of the engineering department.

As General Manager of e-Systems Group, Andrew oversees the day to day operations, sales, business strategy, and new product development.  All ESG departments report directly to Andrew as he assures successful achievement of manufacturing objectives.

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in purchasing and materials management in multiple manufacturing facilities. In addition, Andrew has a solid background in direct supervision and guidance to up to 50 employees in a production environment, led corporate initiatives in developing a safe work place, and having developed efficient procurement processes and managing projects directly related to process improvements.

Andrew has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a 6Sigma Green Belt.  He enjoys being a part of the manufacturing environment and is eager to build a supportive team at ESG centered around the Company’s Core Values and the needs of Customer first.

Kathy Pandich

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As the Business Development Manager for e-Systems Group, Kathy specializes in working with end users, dealer partners and the A & D/A & E communities when encountering technologically complex environments to assist in the specification and delivery of robust solutions.  With prior experience within the financial, pharmaceutical, non-profit, and furniture industries, her knowledge base is an asset.

Her experience includes 25 years of sales, consulting and project management.

Linda Hoak

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Linda has been the Controller for Engineered Data Products Holdings LLC since November 2016. She has over 25 years of financial management experience with small and mid-size organizations.
Her industry knowledge spans database storage solutions, electrical distribution, motor repair shops, solar product development, ambulatory surgical centers, non-profits, restaurant franchises, CPA firms, and government organizations.

Linda is a graduate of Augustana College with majors in Accounting and Business Administration to include a Computer Science Sequence (equivalent to a minor).  She holds an active CPA License in Illinois along with inactive licenses in Colorado and North Carolina

Chris Klemmetsen

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Chris has been the IT Manager of Engineered Data Products Holdings LLC since April of 1990.  Her knowledge is invaluable in planning and developing policies and procedures for carrying out the computer operations of four unique divisions, including the support of e-Systems Group.  Chris evaluates current and future software and hardware needs, recommends enhancements and changes to system processes, and serves as project leader on major installations and upgrades. Chris meets with users to determine quality and service issues and is the go-to person for statistical analysis and reporting. Congratulations to Chris on her 30 years with EDPH!