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Meet HIVE - A 60-Device Handheld Charging Rack

The HIVE™  High-Density Device Dock provides fast charging, secure storage and cord management for up to 60 handheld units. Recommended for warehouses and distribution centers, along with education, industrial and commercial aviation processing environments, this unique cabinet promotes comprehensive device protection, accessibility, and retention. HIVE™  is proudly made in the U.S.A.

A front, locking metal door with a large viewing window permits a quick visual of stored hardware. Optional thermodynamic fans integrated into the top protect against overheating. The specially coated roll-out shelving prevents scratches and scuffs and self-closes for fast deployment of devices.

The cabinet encourages clutter-reducing organization of devices and cabling. Charging cords are stored out of sight providing a safe environment, and a removable back panel permits quick service access.

When moving devices throughout a facility, the rack provides convenient mobility. Large swivel casters with non- marking wheels improve the ride over uneven surfaces and lock to help prevent unwanted movement at rest.

Industries Where You Can Find HIVE

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded construction.
  • Quick-release door swing handle with keyed lock.
  • Inset acrylic window.
  • Accessible backend through removable panel with internal lock.
  • Recessed back panel allows cabinet to be placed flush with walls.
  • Side panels removable with cam lock and key.
  • Consolidated power supply is secured at the backend of shelves.
  • Retractable, vented drawers for increased airflow.
  • Anti-rollback shelf design for ease of use.
  • Four (4) top-mounted thermodynamic fans to dissipate heat.
  • Integrated LED light strip for increased visibility (mounted in front of rack).
  • Heavy-duty casters to prevent tripping — two (2) recessed locking and two (2) non-locking.
  • Network-connected PDU with 12 outlets. Supports up to 12 charging cradles.
  • Fully customizable to suit a range of devices and charging cradles.
  • Custom color finishes and branding available.
  • Optional Seismic Anchor Kit for seismically active zones.