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Guardian Security Reception Desk

The Guardian Security Reception Desk was designed from the ground-up to support next-generation security applications. Featuring a steel-welded construction* and laminate finish, Guardian is not only attractive but sports a number of features to enhance the comfort and alertness of security officers and school resource officers.

Designed for High-Use Security Applications

The Guardian Security Reception Desk was conceived to be stylish and ergonomic while also supporting the latest security technologies being deployed at schools, hospitality centers, military installations, and police departments.
Standout features of Guardian include:

Recessed monitor.

The monitor recess allows the work of security personnel to be conducted discretely and confidentially.

Integrated cable management.

Cabling and power cords are stowed away behind the monitor(s) in the channeled cavities of the console. This creates a clean esthetic and eliminates the risks of pulled, twisted, or tangled cables.

Locking CPU swivel mount.

Guardian is fitted with a below-desk swiveling CPU mount that prevents theft and unauthorized access to data ports. Paneling is removable to allow for software and hardware upgrades.

Industries Where You Can Find Guardian

Built to Last

Possibly the last security reception technology console you will ever need. The Guardian includes a number of structural features designed to protect system components and the chassis from wear and tear.

PVC T-mold edges

Most manufacturers use adhesive-backed molding on console edges that eventually peels away, leaving the bare wood exposed. Guardian security reception technology consoles use protective PVC T-molding embedded into the precision-channeled edges. These are more resistant to the wear and tear common in security environments.

Steel-welded frame

To create a security console that stands the test of time, e-Systems designers opted for a frame constructed of 12-gauge, welded stainless steel frame.

Locking steel service panel

To secure critical equipment, Guardian is fitted with a steel panel overlaid by a high-pressure laminate.

Stainless steel kick plates

The Guardian line of security technology consoles feature guest-facing stainless-steel kick plates to prevent damage from accidental impact, scrapes, and scuffs.

Ready for Next-Generation Security Applications

Guardian consoles are specifically designed for present and future security technologies (AI, facial recognition) that require sizable computer power and multiple monitors.