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two great traditions

Two great traditions in the console and rack market, Engineered Data Products (EDP) and Systems Manufacturing Corporation (SMC), came together in 2007 to form e-Systems.

Each company brought a strong commitment to its resellers and its end users, to innovation and to leading-edge product.   e-Systems has proven its ability and footprint throughout the country in supplying high-quality and innovative data center racks and console technical furniture.

Both companies came of age when technology appeared both in expanded data centers and on people’s desks.  The multiple servers and CRT screens needed to be placed so they could be ergonomic and accessed properly while meeting the requirements of the technical hardware manufacturers. Focused on custom product, e-Systems incorporates market advancements along with futuristic, intuitive design to ensure that every customer not only receives the data center rack or console technical furniture they requested specifically, but that all the most up-to-date innovations are included.

our commitment

to every customer

With every data center rack or console technical furniture,  our customers receive the following:

our history

industry milestones

1957:  Systems Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) is founded
1968:  Engineered Data Products (EDP) is founded
1992:  Paralax technical furniture is released
1995:  First console is brought to market for network operations centers
1995:  EDP develops racks for data centers
2000:  X-Sight, EDP’s first flat-screen console, is developed
2005:  Contour console is introduced
2007:  EDP purchases Systems Manufacturing Corporation in Conklin, NY
2008:  EDP-SMC consolidate operations and adopt the name e-Systems
2009:  Operations are upgraded to ensure delivery of service promise
2012:  e-Systems focuses on custom market for racks and consoles
2016:  e-Systems colocation rack is introduced
2018:  An advanced console is brought to market: Contour Ascend
2018:  e-Systems launches its new website to strengthen commitment to the console market
they created the perfect solution
We were working with our customers to come up with something that would satisfy the existing footprint of our old racks, while having features and a design that IT administrators would appreciate. e-System's attention to detail and thoughtful design created the perfect solution.
- it systems coordinator